Holding On To Heaven

Today was a bad day, in fact this week has been pretty difficult. It’s week 4 of half marathon training, the mileage has gone up, my body feels more tested and I’m plagued with the thought of why exactly am I doing this? The half marathon blues perhaps? In any case, I pushed through all feelings of lethargy (thanks to a really cool song by Foxes,) to get in today’s workout: Level 2 of Jillian Michaels Ripped In 30, an hour of Tae-bo II (get ripped) followed by Silje Norendal’s 15 minute workout on Nike Training Club. All in all, a very jam packed morning! I am a HUGE fan of  workout DVD’s. When I was in high school and I couldn’t afford a gym membership, Jane Fonda and Billy Blanks were instrumental in getting me in shape. When I moved to London in 2008, I avoided the dreaded weight gain that comes from starting university with these DVD’s. I don’t find it as challenging as before…on some days haha but I love the cardio burst that I get. I’ve also found that by increasing your weights, your muscles definitely work harder. Last year I was using 3kg weights and this year I jumped to 5kg. I must admit, rather ashamedly that my upper body strength is rather pitiful haha. I’m a work in progress, aren’t we all?

Did I mention that I still have to squeeze in a 6k run this afternoon?


Hi! My name is Aurélie. I’m a biomedical scientist and I am currently transitioning to veganism and training for my first half marathon, don’t ask me which one. I tend to enter races last minute (a horrible habit that I need to kick.) I’ve been a fitness addict my whole life and a serious runner for about 3 years. In 2012 when I became a vegetarian, I started to take my running and nutrition a lot more seriously. Last year I met a guy who has continued to be my inspiration in becoming a better athlete. Maybe I’ll let him chip in further down the line 😉 My friend is a triathlete and an amazing one at that. He’s the one that inspires me to push my body further than it ever has been and unbeknownst to him,  he acted as the catalyst to me deciding to take on a half marathon. On this blog you will find everything pertaining to my fitness journey, the highs and the lows and all my favourite recipes. You will also sometimes get scientific explanations of things haha, I can’t help it. Science is wired in my DNA. Thanks for stopping by!

Today I started 22 days of veganism. I’ve always wanted to be a vegan…I know! Not a lot of people say that but I have always had a fascination with green living. So here’s what I had for breakfast:


-2 pieces of vegan rye bread with Salanova baby leaves, mini Italian tomatoes and an apple and beet slaw with an orange chilli dressing.

-Half a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice

I usually prefer to have a light breakfast but having recently started week 4 of half marathon training, my body needs the fuel. I have days where I wake up hungry, ready to devour whatever is in the fridge. Correct nutrition is half the battle won. I was a notorious breakfast skipper, I’d wake up in the morning, go for my run and it would be noon when I’d have my breakfast. My runs weren’t bad but I found myself feeling lethargic more often than not. Doing your research on what you’re putting in your body is so important which is why I’m an advocate of a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. Remember to read the labels, treat your body right and it will reward you.